The people behind the style: Pamela Courson & Themis

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The people behind the style: Pamela Courson & Themis

Yes, we admit it’s been a while since our last instalment of “The people behind the style.” After having worked our way through some of the biggest and best UK designers and labels of the 60s, it’s finally time to go global. There is no denying that England is and has always been the hub for some of the greatest fashion trends, but now let’s have a look at some of the people, brands and boutiques from other parts of the world that have played a pivotal role in making 60s fashion as unique as it was.


And what better way to start than with Jim Morrison’s long-term girlfriend Pamela Courson’s L.A. boutique Themis, named after the Greek goddess of divine order. Located on La Cienega Boulevard, the shop was only open for two years from 1969-1971. Decorated with colourful tapestries, peacock feathers, mirrors and candles, the boutique mainly stocked European and Far Eastern garments that Courson would pick up on her travels.

However, despite the beautiful and breathtaking interior and design, the shop had incredibly irregular opening times. Although people like Sharon Tate and Miles Davies counted among the regulars, Themis seemed to be more of a place for Courson to hang out with her friends.

Together with designer Tere Tereba, Courson would run the shop whose garments would come with a fairly big pricetag. Eventually, Themis shut its doors for good in 1971 following Morrison’s death.


Although it is arguable to what extent Themis was actually a bona fide boutique rather than a home away from home for Courson and her friends, the fact that she stocked items that were not easily available in the US at that time stresses the significance and influence of the shop. At a time when alternative Americans would still dress in casual hippie clothes, Themis provided a more sophisticated and dandyish take on US counterculture fashion.

Although we cannot promise you peacock feathers and incense sticks, you never know what you might find in Urban Village, may it be a beautiful Indian kaftan or a tapestry suit. To have a mooch, simply pop down to the Custard Factory.


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